Date Published:2022-09-09

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DUI arrest made after crash that hospitalized three in Smithfield

SMITHFIELD, RI – A drunk driving accident hospitalized three people in Smithfield on Thursday night, according to WPRI.

The crash occurred close to 10 p.m. at a construction site on Putnam Pike when a black SUV struck a police vehicle and continued on through the site to collide with equipment, one worker, and finally a tree.

A police officer inside the struck vehicle and the construction worker were transported to an area hospital. Their injuries are described as non-life-threatening.

The SUV’s driver, Chepachet resident Craig DiPetrillo, 50, was given a field sobriety test by responders.

DiPetrillo was arrested on the scene and now faces multiple charges including DUI, carrying a weapon while intoxicated, and driving resulting in personal injury. A number of citations were also issued to DiPetrillo.

DiPetrillo was hospitalized for treatment of his injuries before being released into custody.
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