Date Published:2022-08-04

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Driver rams several cars in Galilee while evading arrest

NARRAGANSETT, RI – A woman who deliberately crashed into several cars while evading arrest was hospitalized after being extricated from her burning vehicle in Galilee on Tuesday.

WPRI reports the string of incidents began when a Department of Energy Management (DEM) employee requested that a woman in an illegally parked car move her vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, who had been sleeping, awoke to antagonize the DEM employee, who called the police.

The driver fled the area upon seeing the officer’s arrival in a patrol vehicle, speeding down Galilee Escape Road. The driver attempted to U-turn to avoid being pulled over and reportedly smashed her car into the officer’s deliberately.

As other vehicles, including a Narragansett police car and a civilian vehicle, attempted to slow or stop the woman, she repeatedly crashed into those cars as well.

The woman was eventually removed from her vehicle by several people on the scene after her vehicle caught on fire.

Responders took the woman to South County Hospital for her injuries, the severity of which is unknown at this time.

An officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries in connection to the incident as well.

This event is part of an ongoing investigation by the Narragansett Police Department. The story may be updated as further details become available.

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